About Yuri Gadyukin

Yuri Ivanovich Gadyukin was born in Leningrad in 1932.  He fought in the siege of the city in 1944 and shortly thereafter may have been an extra in Eisenstein’s Ivan the Terrible, becoming inspired by the great filmmaker.  He directed one feature film in his native Russia before defecting to the UK in 1955.  In England he directed two films and, in 1960, had started on his third, The Graven Idol, when he was murdered by his lead actor, Harry Weathers.
For more information about Yuri Gadyukin please visit this website and watch this 1960s interview.

Yuri Gadyukin filmography

Where the Tractors Roam (1954, USSR)
Waiting (1957, UK)
The October Wedding (1959, UK)
The Graven Idol (1960, UK)

The Hoax

Between 2009 and 2013, Yuri Gadyukin had his own Wikipedia and IMDB pages until it was discovered as one of the longest and “greatest Wikipedia hoaxes ever.”
Hopefully more than just a playful extra, the hoax, uncovered after three and a half years, is seen more as a commentary on the unreliability of information in the digital age and how, with comparatively few resources, it can be manipulated to change history.
NITRATE is a feature film currently at finance and casting stage developed with the support of the MEDIA Programme of the European Union.
For more information please contact nitrate@patchwork-productions.co.uk
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